Recommended books

  • Johansen, JD, Frosch, PJ, Lepoittevin, JP. Contact Dermatitis. 5th edition Springer (Berlin) 2011
  • Rietschel RL, Fowler JF, Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis 6th Edition BC Decker (Hamilton) 2008
  • Rustemeyer T, Elsner P, John SM, Maibach HI. Kanerva’s Occupational Skin Diseases. 2nd Ed Springer (Berlin) 2012
  • AC de Groot, Patch Testing 4th Edition – test concentrations and vehicles for 4900 chemicals 4th ed 2018 AC de Groot Publishing

acdegroot Publishing

The 4th Edition of  ‘Patch Testing’ has been published. It provides patch test concentrations and vehicles for 4900 chemicals and substances, for some 100 groups of chemically or functionally related chemicals and nearly 200 (finished) products. In addition, lists are provided of chemicals which have caused photosensitivity, immediate contact reactions and patch test sensitization. This new Edition counts 600 pages and has nearly 1000 literature references.

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